Commercial Turf

Between the cost of fertilizing, watering, and mowing, maintaining a lawn on a commercial-sized property presents a continual expense that many business owners would rather do without. Luckily, SYNLawn offers a revolutionary, eco-friendly, and cost-effective alternative to landscaping methods of the past. Created using a combination of 100% renewable sugar cane, soybeans, and BioCel technology, SYNLawn’s advanced turf engineering science provides commercial properties with the only primarily plant-based artificial grass on the market.


Designed for athletes of all ages and abilities, artificial turf is constructed to provide shock-absorbing technology with a durable, non-abrasive surface to keep players on the field instead of on the bench. Regardless of the field size, location, or frequency of use, our unique artificial grass can offer a number of benefits, including, but not limited to:

All-weather utility

Increased playing time


No growing required

Increased safety from falls

When clients arrive at your business, the landscaping is sure to be one of the first aspects they notice. Make the best impression possible year-round with an inviting, beautifully-manicured green lawn. In addition to cultivating a consistently maintained aesthetic, synthetic lawns also offer commercial property owners benefits such as:

No need for fertilizers or pesticides

No mowing costs

Reduced water bill

Little to no weeds

Flood and puddling resistance



In addition to perfect lawns, SYNLawn now offers VistaGreen® artificial living wall panels to liven up any indoor or outdoor setting. Whether you’re looking to add a little flair to a blank wall or a lively rooftop terrace, our green wall systems are highly customizable and designed to mimic the look, feel, and colors of real plants, minus the upkeep.

Instant Green Walls


Fire-Rated to Industry Standards


Easy to Install

Many playgrounds are constructed with child safety in mind, but what if you could make the places where your children climb, swing, and jump even safer? SYNLawn’s artificial grass is designed to be non-abrasive with built-in padding that protects children from falls as high as 10 feet. In addition to meeting IPEMA and CSA standards, artificial grass offers the following benefits to playground users:

No grass stains


Easy to replace high-traffic zones

Cleaner play environment

Customization options


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