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putting green in back yard

With SYNLawn Houston’s signature residential backyard putting greens, you will be able to practice and play at any time of day or night.

SYNLawn Houston is a well-known designer and installer of high-quality artificial backyard putting greens. Over the last few decades, our company has been a part of Houston’s transition to residential golfing greens, accounting for the spike in installations. City residents appreciate the inherent benefits of having their backyard putting greens to create a unique outdoor experience at home.

Regarding the sale and installation of synthetic turf for residential and commercial purposes, SYNLawn Houston has been an industry leader. Our company has been installing high-end synthetic turf for residential lawns, commercial facilities, pet turfs, playgrounds, and golfing greens for over 45 years. In addition, we offer a lifetime warranty that is backed by us, the manufacturer, as a symbol of our dedication to customer satisfaction.


Other than being the envy of your neighbors, installing your very own synthetic turf golfing green has other benefits.


Golf, like every other sport, requires practice to become proficient. This includes visits to local and community golf courses regularly. In many situations, this includes golf club memberships as well. While these memberships do provide significant benefits, there are some clear drawbacks.

To begin with, public golf courses are only open during normal business hours. Therefore, players must collect their belongings and leave when the club shuts at specific times of the day. The same thing happens when there is bad weather or when the turf is being maintained.

With your very own backyard putting green turf, you can drop the commute, practice your game at any time of day or night or even in bad weather. This has the effect of improving your overall golfing performance over time.

synthetic grass putting green lawn in back yard


Natural golfing grass must be meticulously maintained to fulfill its purpose. This includes 24-hour water sprinklers, lawn trimming, chemical use, and pricey landscaping contracts. A better option is to install a personal backyard putting greens.

The only maintenance necessary for synthetic turf is an occasional rinsing of the blades with a water hose. If tree branches overhang the turf, only a plastic rake is required to remove the leaves. To be more specific, you will never have to worry about ongoing landscaping chores. You’ll also save water (and the associated expenditures) because synthetic turf does not require watering. All of this adds up to huge time and money savings.


Almost every day, we hear about the necessity of water conservation. Houston is no different. Although the area receives a healthy amount of precipitation, county officials warn against excessive water use. According to environmental studies, lawn care consumes a stunning 60% of residential water usage. Sadly, the majority of it is lost in runoff. Overall, this has the potential to harm both the environment and the economy. Installing a synthetic backyard golfing turf is a much better option. It does not require any water to sustain its luster and maintains its magnificently green color all year with little to no watering.

synthetic grass putting green backyard
residential backyard putting green


The installation and use of synthetic turf are extremely beneficial to the environment. Our turf, unlike natural grass, does not require the use of chemicals to maintain its brilliance. Chemicals used in landscaping, according to ecological specialists, can have an adverse effect on the ecosystem. Elements from these compounds have been found in our drinking water, vegetation, and even seafood. The installation of synthetic turf also eliminates the need for diesel and gasoline-powered lawn equipment. This also helps to reduce the number of carbon emissions in the environment.


With our signature residential backyard putting greens, you will be able to practice and play at any time of day or night. Our turf is luxuriously pristine and requires little maintenance. You’ll also save money while preserving the environment and conserving water. If you’re ready to order, please contact us for a free consultation.