Houston, TX Putting Greens & Golf Greens

Making the switch to artificial grass for putting greens frees up considerable time, resources and even money. Our putting greens are ideal for both residential or commercial applications in Houston, and all the surrounding cities. Save time and money, all while adding a touch of class and beautiful aesthetics to your property. If you’re like most people, you just want to relax and play golf without having to concern yourself with chores such as landscaping and watering. With artificial putting greens from SYNLawn, Houston, getting beautiful, hassle free golf grass for your home or business is easier than ever before.

Our team of experts can help you design your ultimate putting green, recreational sport turf, pet grass, artificial planted walls and more, transforming your indoor or outdoor space into a stunning oasis.

Commercial Putting Greens

No matter what type of business you own, from a hotel to a gym, or a retail store to a restaurant, we have fully customized synthetic commercial golf green solutions to fit your application. Our commercial clients have used our artificial golf turf for a wide range of applications, from applying it to patios, rooftops, company golf courses, and more. Our artificial golf grass and synthetic putting greens are designed to have a radiant, green, luxurious look, which can’t help but draw positive attention.

If you have an idea for a putting green that will enhance your branding and deepen the customer experience, SYNLawn Houston can make that happen. If you want your putting greens to be fitted with features such as sloping hills and other interesting landscape characteristics, we can make that a reality. We can design your commercial putting greens to have challenging playability, as well as attention-grabbing aesthetics.

SYNLawn Golf Tee-Line

Residential Putting Greens

Whether you want to play golf indoors or outdoors, our artificial putting greens are just the ticket. Either way, you’ll have the convenience of practicing your short game right at home, so you won’t have to get in your car, fight traffic to drive all the way to a golf course, and have to pay to play. Instead, you’ll have a stress free, easy way to get some exercise into your day and practice your golf game whenever you wish. Our artificial golf grass is made to such a high standard that you’ll feel just like you’re playing on golf turf you’d find at a country club.

SYNLawn Golf course aerial view
SYNLawn Golf course in backyard
SYNLawn Golf Course with green flags
SYNLawn Golf course in backyard

USA Made - Houston, Texas Putting Greens and Golf Greens

Our synthetic putting green turf is entirely American made. At SYNLawn Houston we are dedicated to the creation of our product, from the selection of components and its factory beginnings to finish product, to the design, installation and enjoyment of our clients. Start to finish.

Durable and realistic looking

A key benefit of our artificial putting greens is that they are durable and they are able to hold up to all ages of people as well as pets. And the artificial putting greens are designed so well as to be hyper realistic as compared to traditional grass, without all the hassles. And it is pleasant to the touch and non abrasive.

Sun Safe

Our putting greens also are created to keep from overheating during sweltering hot days in the Houston, Texas sun, which will certainly be appreciated when you are playing on it. With our patented cooling technology our synthetic golf greens are effective at dissipating heat even in direct sunlight. What’s more is that our artificial putting greens are fade resistant so they won’t bleach out even in full sun, year after year.

Eco Friendly-Water saving Artificial Golf Turf

Our synthetic putting greens are also very eco-friendly. Besides them being fully recyclable, they are non-toxic and never need chemical treatment. So being concerned with pesticides or fertilizers being used on your golf grass and harming the local environment isn’t something you’ll have to worry about. Our putting green turf is also incredibly drought tolerant, since it never needs to be watered. This not only will help out your local environment, but save you money that would’ve otherwise been washed down the drain.

Enhancing Any Property, Commercial or Residential

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the beauty of our putting green turf. Regardless if it is located in a prominent position in your landscaping design or tucked away out of sight it is a lush beautiful custom creation to suit your style of play as well as your space.

Since our synthetic golf grass always looks well maintained and kept to perfection, you and everyone else will be able to appreciate its beauty, whether you’re playing on it or simply allowing it to enhance the view out the window. Whoever sees or plays golf on it will be left with a positive impression.

The addition of synthetic golf greens and putting greens are known for increasing the market value of your property, not to mention the fun to be had by all.

Fire Resistant

Our golf turf is made with a Class A or B fire-rating and complies with ADA and IPEMA standards. So you can rest assured that our synthetic golf turf is safe.

Fully Customizable Designs

Whatever idea you have in mind regarding the look of your putting green turf, we will work with you to make it happen. Our expert designers are ready to help you design the ultimate golf experience and our professional team of installers will bring that vision to life.

Quick draining, Pooling Prevention

Another great feature of our artificial putting greens and synthetic golf grass is how they drain water fast. Especially important after inclement weather, your putting greens won’t hold in water, preventing pooling. So once the weather clears you’ll be able to play on them again, rather than having to sit around and wait for them to dry.


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SYNLawn Houston

At SYNLawn, Houston, we’ve been involved in the artificial turf business for over forty-five years. Not only are we experts at what we do, but we are very familiar with the ins and outs of the Houston, Texas area given that we’ve been servicing it for so long. When you buy from us, the highest quality synthetic turf or putting greens are guaranteed.

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