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SYNLawn Houston is one of the leaders in mini golf construction in Houston, TX. If you're looking to build a new mini golf course or resurfacing an existing one, SYNLawn Houston has the expertise to get the job done right the first time. Our turf is realistic-looking, durable, eco-friendly and low maintenance. In addition to golf turf, we are also widely recognized as a leader in the installation of synthetic turf for commercial purposes.

Synthetic turf is a smart decision

Houston, TX is well known for its harsh summers and mild winters. But regardless of the heat and humidity, the weather affords a lot of opportunities for families to play golf. If you’re tired of commuting to local golf clubs and instead want to install your own mini golf course, contact us right away to discuss options. People have enjoyed mini golf for decades and its popularity continues to grow. Take advantage of this entertainment boom and build your own miniature golf course.

Most people have memories of being at a mini golf course as a child. They remember the fake-looking turf that was bumpy and nothing like golfing on a real green. Technology advanced to the point where there is little difference in the look and feel of natural grass vs. artificial grass.

When people use putting greens today, they have an experience that not only equals golfing on natural grass but better. If you have an indoor course, then synthetic turf is heads and shoulders above other surfaces such as carpeting.

Don’t let the memories of old fake turf fool you into choosing something different. Call us today and we’ll prove it’s the best choice for the money. There’s a reason why mini golf owners call us when they need to reinvigorate their business.

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Mini golf installation with complete durability

Houston has some crazy weather. We deal with extreme heats and storms that could spell trouble for a mini golf course unless they are outfitted with synthetic grass.

Mother Nature can drench our artificial grass all she wants, and it looks just as good. Customers drive their putters into the ground, but there won’t be any divots or rips. We designed our turf to withstand high traffic, weather, and wear and tear.

It’s why countless lawns, golf course greens, and mini golf courses use our artificial turf technology. Even after years of abuse, our artificial grass looks just as green as the day you installed it.

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Sit back and relax with synthetic turf

Mini Golf construction costs aren’t inexpensive. You must save money during and after construction. With artificial grass, sit back and enjoy the way your course looks without spending a penny on upkeep.

Natural grass is a pain to keep green. It needs constant watering so it ends up brown. If it gets too much water, it saturates and grows like crazy. You need to mow it regularly and if you don’t, your course becomes a jungle.

With synthetic grass, you never worry about upkeep. Sit back and spend your time growing your business. It doesn’t need water, doesn’t grow, and looks great no matter how hot, cold, or rainy it gets.

As a business owner, your time is limited. You need to run your business, take care of bills, and the millions of little emergencies that pop up. Don’t let lawn care be one of them and choose artificial grass for your miniature golf construction.


Browse our incredible selection of high-quality products to find the right synthetic turf for your needs.


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We spent years developing our product and customer service programs. When you contact us, you get experts in the field with years of experience in installing artificial grass putting greens. Our expert mini golf installers spend time working with you to make sure your vision materializes.


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