Artificial Grass For Dogs & Pets in Houston, TX

If you are in Houston, TX and the surrounding region and want a dedicated play area for your beloved pets then an artificial grass dog run or pet turf is the answer for you. There’s nothing better than seeing your furry friend wagging their tail with a smile on their face. Because the bond with our pets can be so powerful, we want the best for them. Here at SYNLawn Houston, we offer the best synthetic grass that both you and your pet will love.

Considerations Picking The Best Pet System

A big dog can stress your lawn just by running around and throwing up dirt, or compacting the soil, which will cause thin turf that is more prone to pests and weeds. A tiny dog may dig frequently, uprooting large amounts of grass and dirt and affecting the look and health of your lawn.


So whether your pet is a giant Neapolitan Mastiff or a tiny Chihuahua, at SYNLawn Houston, we have the right type of synthetic grass for you. Our artificial grass is durable, so you won’t need to worry about your dog digging up your entire lawn or digging underneath a fence and escaping. Our synthetic grass has great drainage, preventing waterlogged soil that your dog can run through and then go stomping around your house. Our faux grass is also low maintenance, so you won’t have to constantly devote time to mowing it, fertilizing it, seeding it, etc.

Additional considerations when choosing synthetic grass for your pets that we at SYNLawn Houston are happy to discuss with you include:

Amount Of Time Your Pet Will Spend In The Area

Your Personal Preference Of Product

Size Of Dog Run Or Landscape Area

Maintenance Options

Security Options For Destructive Dogs

No matter the temperament of your dog, its size, or its willingness to become dirty, our synthetic grass will create the most optimal environment for you and your pet to enjoy. Synthetic pet grass will keep your pet clean from grass stains, dust, dirt and grass borne allergens.

If your dog is fiercely energetic and loves to run around the yard, our pet grass will have no issues with it. Rather than your dog’s paws ripping up giant clumps of dirt from your yard, our synthetic pet turf will completely hold itself together.

Likewise, if your dog is lazy and likes to lie around, our fake grass is able to handle that too. Due to proprietary technology, our artificial grass prevents itself from becoming muddy or too hot. Our faux grass also has the look and texture of regular healthy grass, making it both beautiful and comfortable.

Benefits Of SYNLawn’s Pet Grass

Always Have Beautiful Green Grass

Real grass requires constant maintenance from you to retain its beauty. You will have to mow it to keep it from growing too long and looking unkempt, but not mow it too short so that your grass becomes much hotter from the sun and prone to weed growth. With traditional sod you will also have to regularly check for holes and dead patches and brown spots, which can occur for a variety of reasons. With SYNLawn pet grass, your Houston, Texas lawn will always look lush, green, and beautiful.

Optimal Drainage

In Houston, TX and the surrounding areas we often experience torrential rains, but you need not worry about water pooling, because our pet turf provides superb drainage. With our artificial pet grass and dog run turf you won’t have to fret over giant puddles forming in your yard, making it ugly and being a place for your dog to become very dirty!

Control Odors

What’s amazing about our pet grass is that it’s antimicrobial and reduces unpleasant odors. Waste cleanup for pets is also made easy.

Your Choice Of A Wide Variety Of Synthetic Turf Products

With SYNLawn Houston, you can create the landscape of your dreams that your pets will love! We offer a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors when it comes to our pet grass. Your pets will not only be happy, but all your neighbors and visitors will be in awe of your verdant synthetic pet grass and play area.

Pets And House Stay Cleaner

With our synthetic turf, your house and your furry friend will be much cleaner! You won’t need to stress over your dog finding their way to some mud puddle in your yard and jumping into it, then running all through your house. It can certainly feel like a disaster when your pet is stomping around your house with muddy paws and you realize you’ll have to not only clean that up, but give your pet a bath too. This makes a pet grass play area a must as it will save you from extra cleaning chores day after day.

Added Security

You’ll no longer need to lose sleep thinking that your pet will dig its way out of your yard and escape. Due to the extreme durability of our synthetic grass, your pet digging out to go chase after a squirrel will no longer be an issue. Synthetic pet grass and dog runs give you an added measure of safety to protect your beloved pets from running wild in the streets of Houston, Texas. Artificial dog grass and pet grass means less hassles for you, and added security for your pet.

Healthy Environment

Our pet grass is healthier for your dog. Not only is it non-allergenic and non-abrasive for your pet, but it also prevents fleas and other pests from establishing themselves. So not only will you have to stop worrying about fleas constantly biting your dog, but you also can rest assured knowing fleas won’t find their way into your home to begin laying eggs and terrorizing you! Fleas and other pests do not like synthetic pet grass for nesting which keeps you and your pet safer from the torment of biting insects, which makes your pets life a lot more enjoyable.

Controls Rodents and Other Pests

Agonizing over pests and rodents taking up residence in your yard will no longer be a concern. The habitat these pesky critters need to survive will no longer be in place. This means your dog won’t pick up ticks or fleas from your yard and then bring them into your home, where they can get to you. With a beautiful synthetic pet grass installation from SYNLawn Houston, you and your pet will be safer and happier and able to enjoy your pet grass and play area for years to come.

Pet golden retriever with a ball on green SYNLawn artificial turf
three pet dogs on artificial turf
Pet Dalmation Dog on green SynLawn artificial turf

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SYNLawn Pet Premium

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