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At SYNLawn Houston, our team offers unique, eco-friendly USDA-certified artificial grass for businesses, homes, and more in Houston, TX. There are various factors to consider when purchasing Houston artificial grass, ranging from the appearance and feel to the cost. However, one that you may not have thought about is the choice of a USDA-certified product. SYNLawn is widely known for its dedication to manufacturing sustainable synthetic grass and utilizing plant-based materials. We feel that as one of the largest providers of artificial turf, it is our responsibility to provide artificial grass that gives back to the planet and conserves valuable resources. As a result of our efforts, SYNLawn became the first and only provider of USDA-certified products.

SYNLawn Houston is part of an ongoing effort to increase the development of bio-based materials, as there is an increasing demand for earth-friendly artificial turf. This is the reason that we have worked so hard to create a cleaner, safer, and greener synthetic grass that Houston has to offer. All of our SYNLawn artificial turf is manufactured at our ISO 9001-certified in-house facility in Dalton, GA. This allows us to control the overall quality during every step of our manufacturing process.

In our efforts to further our commitment to environmental sustainability, we formed a strong and ongoing partnership with American soy farmers. Back in 2008, we began utilizing their soybeans and other renewable resources to replace harmful components to our environment from our synthetic turf. We are able to replace up to 60% of the petroleum-based ingredients that are typically found in other turf options by using these plant-based ones. We are happy to support American farmers and create new jobs by using soybeans, as well as using a naturally generated, sustainable material to aid in lowering atmospheric carbon dioxide.


At SYNLawn Houston, our artificial grass utilizes a unique backing system. Our EnviroLoc+ backing system is a multi-layered woven polyester and polyethylene system that ensures long-lasting grass fibers and helps to increase the product’s lifespan. It serves as a security mechanism and more. Our Houston synthetic turf may be utilized almost immediately after coming into contact with liquids because of EnviroLoc’s outstanding drainage rate of 1,200 inches per hour. By using green resources like sugar cane and soybean oil, EnviroLoc+ also helps us reduce the production process’ considerable amounts of petroleum use.

In addition, the Sanitized® coating that comes with EnviroLoc+ is ideal for customers who have respiratory allergies since it contains characteristics that stop environmental allergens like algae and fungal growth in the nearby area. In addition to lowering allergies, this extra layer of defense also increases product longevity. As such, at SYNLawn Houston, our team provides cleaner and safer grass thanks to EnviroLoc+ protection and Sanitized®.


SYNLawn Houston clients save an extraordinary amount of time and money all year long by switching to our Houston synthetic grass – in addition to the many environmental advantages of our synthetic turf. Since our SYNLawn fake grass does not need to be watered to retain its exquisite appearance, the great majority of our clients save, on average, more than half of their water expenditure. By switching to SYNLawn synthetic grass, maintenance is almost entirely eliminated. In addition to saving time, you can save on your water bill, leave the lawn mower behind, and reduce the need for landscaping workers while significantly lessening your carbon impact.

Landscape upkeep accounts for around one-third of home water use on average. Converting to SYNLawn grass alternatives with USDA certification would easily save tens of thousands of gallons of water per household and more than half off your water bill. As a single gas-powered lawn mower emits more than 90 pounds of carbon annually, artificial turf is a potent tool for lowering your carbon footprint.


At SYNLawn Houston, the possibilities of our USDA-certified Houston, TX artificial grass are practically endless. This makes them ideal for residential lawns, commercial landscapes, and more! Contact us at SYNLawn Houston to learn more about the many benefits of our eco-friendly synthetic grass and to schedule your free consultation today!