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SYNLawn is the largest manufacturer of Houston artificial grass to date. As a result, we feel that it is our duty to also be the largest manufacturer of eco-friendly products so that we may create sustainable environments for all of our customers and do our part to ensure a healthier environmental future. After all, we only have one Earth. We are proud to provide products that breathe new life into our homes as well as luxurious landscapes for residential and commercial property owners.


When you choose Houston artificial turf, you choose the only source of USDA-certified grass products for your landscape. That’s right, not only does SYNLawn offer the largest collection of artificial turf solutions but the largest catalog of USDA options. Products highlighted with this prestigious recognition contain more than 60% plant-based content and in some cases, as much as 80%.

Nearly every day, SYNLawn® explores new ways to incorporate bio-based solutions into our products so that we can create the cleanest and healthiest landscapes on Earth. The artificial grass market is always expanding and with that are our opportunities to do more such as creating an exclusive plant-based backing system that no other company can compete with.


Along with the many environmental benefits of our products, SYNLawn customers save an exceptional amount of time and money all year long, by making the switch to Houston synthetic grass. The vast majority of our customers see an average savings of more than half of their water bill because SYNLawn products do not require watering to maintain their ultra-realism and gorgeous appearance. Making the switch to SYNLawn means saying goodbye to maintenance nearly altogether. On top of the savings on your water bill, you will no longer have to spend money on landscaping crews or lawn equipment and by leaving them behind, you will considerably reduce your carbon footprint. Reclaim your time and reinvest it into your family, your friends, and your hobbies with help from SYNLawn.

All of our efforts to manufacture environmentally sustainable synthetic grass are made possible thanks to our partnership with US soy farmers. With their help, we can confidently control our quality and ensure that we meet environmental standards that meet our exceptionally high expectations. Side by side, we can locally source recyclable materials including the sugar cane in our turf fibers and soybean oil in our proprietary backing system. In addition, working with soy farmers opens up the door for new job opportunities for those as ecologically conscious as we are.

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The EnviroLoc+ backing system is a multi-layer component system that “locks” in long-lasting grass fibers, extending the product’s life cycle. This ecologically friendly component is also created in the United States and is made from resources supplied via our cooperation with local soy farmers. EnviroLoc+ additionally helps to conserve enormous quantities of water all year and provides ideal drainage for rainy regions, allowing our artificial grass to be used almost immediately even after rain. Along with these benefits, EnviroLoc+ features a coating of the highly effective Sanitized® antimicrobial. With its help, those who suffer from respiratory allergies can enjoy our products with ease as they eliminate not only 99% of bacteria, but algae and fungal growth which are known to induce these allergies.


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No other company is committed to environmental sustainability in the many groundbreaking ways that SYNLawn continues to excel. For more information on our products and services, contact us today to schedule a free consultation and get a free quote on your next project!