10 Benefits of Having a Synthetic Lawn In Houston Texas

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The weather in Houston Texas is warm, so warm in fact that even during their coldest months, the city only dips below 32F for 18 days a year.

Our climate is the primary reason synthetic lawns are on the rise, not only in Houston but all over Texas and even the United States. Versatile synthetic lawns range widely have many advantages in all seasons. Whether it is December or July, artificial turf guarantees your yard looks well-manicured throughout the entire year. 


What Are The Benefits of Purchasing a Synthetic Lawn?

It’s not just your family you benefit when you choose a synthetic lawn. The environment gains from lower water usage and lower temperatures the synthetic lawn creates. Cost-efficient artificial grass cuts your home’s water usage, and saves the air, soil and water tables from harmful fertilizers and pesticides involved in live grass upkeep. 

Low Maintenance

Anyone with a beautiful yard will tell you that the look they achieved didn’t happen overnight. They’ll also be the first ones to tell you that it doesn’t stay that way without constant upkeep. 

Even after someone has spent thousands and worked their weekends away to obtain beautiful landscaping, the majority of well-manicured lawns cost hundreds of dollars and countless hours of labor just to maintain. Synthetic lawns just exist, nearly labor-free. 

Houston, Texas, has a larger square footage yard size than the average city and far surpasses the national average yard size of the United States as a whole. This means that synthetic lawns in Houston and other neighboring communities make more sense per square foot than nearly anywhere else. An artificial lawn means no more watering, fertilizer, or dangerous pesticides. Best of all, you can kiss your landscaper and lawnmower goodbye. 


Heavy foot traffic is one of the worst enemies of a healthy and beautiful lawn. Despite a homeowner’s best efforts, sometimes children and pets don’t adhere to the constant pleas to keep off the grass. Luckily, a synthetic lawn can withstand heavy foot-traffic.  

A natural lawn is susceptible to being worn or having bare patches from walkways and turbulent weather. Synthetic grass, however, doesn’t wear out. Synthetic greens are specifically designed to hold up against anything life may throw at it. With a synthetic lawn, you can relegate your concern about playing children, pets, scorching heat, and freezing temperatures to the past.



Texas’ weather can be harsh and sometimes unpredictable. Some parts of the state endure constant heatwaves, where other portions experience dramatic drops in temperature. In the portions of Texas that see cold fronts, getting natural grass to grow can be a struggle. Most homeowners end up with brown lawns all through the winter. Other Texans who stick to the warmer climates end up paying high water bills in order to keep dry, dead grass patches from spreading.

Synthetic turf holds up against all types of weather. It even makes short work of a downpour, ready for use a few hours after the storm subsides.


Traditional yards and landscaping are not only expensive and time-consuming, they take up considerable resources that could be put to other uses. Synthetic lawn products are made of recycled and sustainable components. Moreover, they give the homeowner the freedom to cut down on water costs, and eliminate the use of toxic fertilizers and pesticides. Also, because the synthetic lawn means you can retire your lawn care equipment, you cut your carbon footprint significantly. 


A synthetic lawn’s full-bodied thickness and deep green color make any house look spectacular. The clean, bright appearance not only improves the look of your home but enhances your entire neighborhood. There is a reason why many businesses, sporting arenas, and golf courses choose synthetic grass over traditional lawns. High quality artificial grass will always appear soft, feel great to the touch, and look better year round than seeded grass. 


Synthetic lawns are considerably pet-friendly. Urine passes through, leaving no discoloration or scarring. Fecal matter is easily removed. 

More, no matter the weather, or the time of year, your pets will enjoy rolling around and playing in the synthetic grass. Your pets will appreciate being able to bounce outside without getting wet or muddy whenever their hearts desire.

Cutting Down On Chemicals and Emissions

The synthetic lawn is a key player in environmental sustainability. Artificial grass cuts pesticides and chemicals from your outdoor routine, relieving any worries you may have about contaminating your soil, water, children, or living plants throughout your home. Studies have also shown that a lawn mower’s emissions output rivals that of a car, so by eliminating the use of lawn equipment, you are playing a crucial role in keeping the air fresh for all.


Pro Sports Play

Sports lovers will rejoice once they realize that they can practice and play year-round on lush, soft synthetic grass. However, soccer and football players are just the beginning. Golf enthusiasts will love practicing on their private greens as well. 


Playground Essential

Synthetic grass and turf are a cushy, durable addition to parks and playgrounds. Made with durable, yet soft materials they protect from scrapes and falls. The synthetic lawn also withstands wear and tear far better than seeded grass.


Varying Options

Artificial landscape grass comes in varying types, each specializing in the buyer’s specific aesthetic sense and needs. Whether you’re looking for pet-friendly SYNLawn Pet Platinum, completely sustainable BioBased Collections, or child-oriented SYNLawn Play Platinum, our options will meet your needs.


How Do I Learn More?

To learn more about the benefits of having a synthetic lawn in Houston, contact the experts at SYNLawn at (866)-796-5296 or reach out to us with your specific ideas via our online form.  Our professionals will be more than happy to answer your questions.