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Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Products Used: DuraGrass 50 PG, SYNSport, & SYNTipede 343

Square Footage: 15000 sq ft.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise Global HQ, a new epicenter of technologic innovation received the SYNLawn® treatment with just under 40,000 square feet of our state-of-the-art Houston artificial grass. We installed our commercial artificial turf in courtyards and rooftop terraces throughout this new Houston campus. SYNTipede 343, SYNTipede X43, DuraGrass 50 PG and SYNSport came together in a wonderful arrangement to complete this immaculate facility. These gorgeous and incredibly resilient Houston artificial turf solutions contain cutting-edge turf technology, recyclable materials, and a wide range of included benefits that can only be delivered by SYNLawn®.

Both SYNTipede products used at this facility feature not one, but two of the most revolutionary technologies in the artificial grass industry. SYNLawn® Super Yarn™ turf yarn and EnviroLoc™ backing system form a close relationship and play a large role in their structural integrity.


Super Yarn™ technology is exclusive to SYNLawn® and the result of a molecular bond between three one-of-a-kind turf enhancements. The first is an antimicrobial that is highly effective in eliminating 99% of bacteria as well as preventing stains and odors caused by ammonia from bacteria build-up and animal waste. Next, is DualChill™ IR technology. This component prevents infrared light from fading turf surfaces and strengthens turf fibers to last over extended periods of time. Lastly, is a silver-based anti-static which inhibits the accumulation of static electricity called StatBlock™. StatBlock™ helps to create more comfortable and enjoyable surfaces.

Made with recyclable materials, EnviroLoc™ is our turf security system. EnviroLoc™ was made to increase our product’s life cycle by securing turf blades to their base to prevent shedding and preserve their natural beauty. The EnviroLoc™ backing system uses biobased polymers made from sustainable resources like soybean oil to replace a major amount of petroleum-based polymers (up to 60%). We are proud to offer products made in collaboration with US soy farmers. As a result, SYNLawn® became the first artificial turf manufacturer to offer USDA-certified products that include more than 60-70% of plant-based contents.

At SYNLawn® Houston, our commercial synthetic grass collection is perfect for any climate. What sets us apart from our competitors is our cool-to-the-touch surfaces. HeatBlock™ technology is the difference that you can feel. When thermal energy from the sun’s rays strikes an object’s surface, heat builds up in most materials. The degree to which a substance emits heat is referred to as thermal emissivity. Synthetic grass, like dark clothes, absorbs more heat than light clothing, can both keep and radiate heat, making it uncomfortable when it is hot outdoors. As a result, SYNLawn® created HeatBlock™ Technology. HeatBlock™ uses infrared reflecting pigments to drain heat build-up and lower fiber emissivity by up to 20% compared to competing artificial grass products.

Due to the thousands of people who visit this headquarters each day, the property management knew they needed to install products that did their part to provide safety to each guest. SYNLawn® Houston artificial grass provides certifications from both IPEMA and ASTM. IPEMA certification implies that those who use these products will be protected from everyday injuries. While we never hope to come in contact with fire, accidents can occur. Many of SYNLawn® products, including both SYNTipede products used on this campus, are ASTM Class A E108 fired rated. This provides first responders with more time to respond to the fire outbreak, resulting in more evacuation time, less injuries, and less property damage.

Our ultra-realistic, true-to-life behaving and low-maintenance Houston artificial grass is loved by commercial properties all across Texas. We specialize in manufacturing synthetic grass that is optimal for all applications including: rooftops, commercial playgrounds, putting greens, sports facility, pet areas and many more. Whatever the job, SYNLawn® has a state-of-the-art solution for you. No job is too big. As a fully insured general contractor, we have the experience and manpower to tackle multi-million-dollar projects from start to finish.

With SYNLawn® synthetic lawns, you can say goodbye to maintenance, mud, and potholes, and welcome time and savings better spent on your bottom line.

SYNLawn® Houston proudly works with properties and professionals such as:

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  • Commercial Properties
  • Multi-family Housing Facilities
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Sporting Events & Athletic Facilities
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