8 Things You Can Do in Houston in the Spring

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It’s springtime in Houston—what could be better? It’s the perfect time to relax and enjoy some fun in the sun before the triple-digit heat hits. Or maybe you’re feeling inspired to do some spring cleaning and projects to beautify your home before your summer get-togethers. We’re all about balance! 


Here are some of our favorite ideas for making the most of the season in and around the Houston area.  


1. Ride Bikes Along the Bayou

If you’ve got a bike, Buffalo Bayou Park is a must-do! This 160-acre greenspace is just west of downtown Houston, and it’s one of the city’s most important landmarks. The bayou itself is a 53-mile river, which allows for catch and release recreational fishing. Nearby are several urban parks, including George Bush Park, Terry Hershey Park, Memorial Park, and Buffalo Bayou Park. The latter lies along the 2.3-mile stretch of the bayou and features beautiful gardens, hiking and biking trails, a dog park, two visitor centers, and much more. Head to the Waugh Drive Bridge at dusk and you may even catch a peek of the colony of Mexican free-tailed bats that live underneath it!


2. Beautify Your Home

That’s right, it’s time for some spring cleaning! This season is the quintessential time to start (and complete) whatever home projects you’ve been procrastinating on. Open all the windows to air out your home as you deep clean, reorganize your closet and donate what you don’t need anymore, or initiate a larger project like repainting a room or re-caulking windows and doors.

It’s also a great time to focus on your outdoor space. Try pressure washing your patio, cleaning your outdoor rugs, wiping down any outdoor furniture, and deep cleaning your grill. 

Ready to elevate your space even more? Consider investing in an artificial lawn for your home so you can enjoy a beautiful, low-maintenance yard all year long. The benefits of synthetic grass are plentiful, and you’ll be so glad you did it.


3. Host a BBQ

Houston’s temperature climate allows for the ideal outdoor lifestyle throughout the year, but springtime is especially beautiful. Although it can get a little humid, especially as the seasons change into summer, you can find ways to beat the heat while still enjoying your time outside. 

So once your outdoor space is beautified, invite some family and friends over for a fun BBQ or party! Set up lawn games or an inflatable pool for the kids, and let everyone have a blast. And don’t worry—the kiddie pool won’t ruin artificial grass in the same way as natural grass! 


4. Hit the Park

Did you know that Houston ranks first among the nation’s 10 most populous cities in total acreage of parkland? It’s true! At 52,912 acres of total park space, our beautiful city beats out other fair-weather cities like San Diego and Phoenix. 

Some of the popular parks in Houston include Levy Park, Alexander Deussen Park, Allen’s Landing, and Bay Area Park. Levy Park also boasts a packed calendar of activities, including daily story time, performances, fitness classes, and more during spring break time. Choose a park you haven’t been to, and enjoy the afternoon!


5. Visit a Museum

If the temperatures are heating up, museums are a great option to take advantage of the air conditioning and experience some amazing arts and culture for an afternoon. If you have kids, there are several kid-friendly museums around the Houston area. Check out the world-class Children’s Museum of Houston, featuring 90,000 square feet of interactive exhibits that span the areas of science, tech, history, health, and the arts. For the adults, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH) is a resident favorite.


6. Play With Animals

Love animals? Check out TGR Exotics Wildlife Park for the ultimate animal adventure. Here you can get up close and personal with more than 25 species of exotic and endangered animals, including sloths, Caracal cats, reptiles, and kangaroos. It’s a great option for kids, and they’ll be talking about their experience for weeks!


7. Cook Some Delicious Spring Food

With the extra daylight, it’s the perfect time to experiment in the kitchen and whip up a creative dinner! Hit the Houston Farmers Market for super-fresh produce and search your favorite cooking blog for recipe ideas. For inspiration, fruits that are in season right now are apricots, strawberries, grapefruit, lemons, kiwis, and avocados. In-season vegetables include spring onions  (scallions), asparagus, radishes, arugula, carrots, and artichokes.


8. Plan a Day Trip

If you’ve already experienced everything Houston has to offer, it’s time for a road trip! About an hour outside Houston is the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier, featuring family-oriented attractions including rides, midway games, a wide selection of food venues, and retail shops. It makes for a great day trip for a change of pace! 

There’s also some interesting history behind it: the pier was originally built as a recreational facility for the US military during World War II. After the war, it was transformed into the Pleasure Pier, acting as a go-to for families and tourists—until 1961, when it was hit by Hurricane Carla. In the years since then, the pier has been rebuilt and revitalized to become what it is today.


Enjoy All of Houston

Whether you’re taking a day trip, exploring a park, or relaxing in your backyard, we hope you have an amazing spring season. If you’re interested in beautifying your space with artificial grass, contact us today for a free consultation.