Creating an Artificial Green Wall

Artificial green walls can bring a unique pop of color to any home or lawn. They are also far less expensive and easier to maintain when compared to natural green walls. If you are considering adding a green wall to a home, office, or school, learn the clear steps and why it might be the way to go for your space.


5 Steps to Creating an Artificial Green Wall

An artificial green wall can complement just about any landscape. And the best thing about green walls — they can be installed both indoors and outdoors. You can put a green wall in a lobby of a commercial building, in a restaurant, or in a residential backyard. Here is how you can go about creating an artificial green wall:


1. Find the right spot

If you don’t already have an idea of where you want the green wall to go, the first step is to determine the location. Not every wall can or needs to be covered in greenery. However, turf and artificial plants can add a lot to a plain outdoor or indoor wall, and the results add a dynamic and natural accent to any area. 


2. Find design inspiration and ideas

In addition to the examples we offer, Instagram and Pinterest provide ideas of what you might like your green wall to look like. You can even consider how it might pair with nearby landscape items. Using turf as decor for a floor covering to accompany a green wall looks very natural, consistent, and relaxing. 


3. Compare the benefits of artificial vs. living green walls

Consider how much time and money you want to spend on the upkeep of your green wall. Living green walls require water, fertilizer, and regular care, whereas an artificial green wall stays looking great even if you don’t take the time to dust it off regularly.


4. Identify the colors and textures to include

Just like with living plants, an artificial plant wall can incorporate many colors, textures, and plants. VistaGreen by SYNLawn features the colors and textures that living plants have, but without the time and money needed for caring for them. 


5. Install the wall

With VistaGreen, you can have a near-instantaneous green wall for your home, business, or yard. The VistaGreen artificial green walls are lightweight and easy to install, so you don’t need to spend days on the project.


Benefits of Artificial Green Walls

With so many unique uses for synthetic grass, an artificial green wall is a great addition to an easy-care landscape. Review these benefits of artificial green walls in your home or business.


Water Savings

A living green wall, like any living plant, needs water to survive. You can save money on your water bill with an artificial wall because it doesn’t need the same water input. You can also help to conserve water, which is a natural resource that is becoming more scarce every year. 


Time Spent Caring for a Green Wall

With a living wall, you would need to water, prune, fertilize, plant, and generally take care of the plants. Just fighting the insects that infest them is an afternoon’s work. Without appropriate time and care, natural plants will die and the wall won’t be the beautiful design element you expected. The artificial wall, on the other hand, requires only intermittent hosing and dusting.  


Color and Life Added to Space

Plants naturally add color and life to space, even artificial ones. Despite not actually being alive, the look of an artificial plant or green wall can help to create the appearance of more life in the space. Many artificial green walls, like VistaGreen, look realistic. Plants have many benefits, like reducing stress and boosting moods, and artificial plants help contribute to these relaxing effects. 


Reduce Sound

Artificial green walls can help reduce sound from neighbors, nearby roadways, and general city noises. They can help reduce sound for your gatherings too, so you don’t disturb your neighbors either. 


Because green walls have grown in popularity, it’s time to consider an easier way to create the same look without all the work. An artificial green wall can do just this, without all the time and effort that goes into natural plant and turf maintenance. 


Get to know how SYNLawn Houston can help with VistaGreen artificial green walls, and talk to the pros about your vision for a green wall project. Contact us today to get started creating an artificial green wall at work or home.

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Artificial green walls can bring a unique pop of color to any home or lawn. They are also far less expensive and easier to maintain when compared to natural green walls. If you are considering adding a green wall to a home, office, or school, learn the clear steps and why it might be the…

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