Non-traditional Uses for Artificial Grass:

As artificial lawns continue to grow in popularity throughout Houston thanks to their low maintenance, visual appeal and cost-effectiveness, many homeowners and businesses are finding new and unique uses to utilize synthetic turf. Artificial grass is typically used for playgrounds, dog runs, athletic fields, golf courses, lawns and more. However, it is also being used for more distinctive purposes. Here are some of the best non-traditional uses for artificial grass.


Event Decoration

Indoor and outdoor social events can both benefit from artificial grass applications. From creating a colored walkway that is as durable as it is aesthetically pleasing, to providing a lush carpeted area that coordinates with your event’s color scheme, colored artificial grass is a simple way to enhance any area. You can also use it to replace rugs and mats, or for more intricate landscaping designs that complement your décor.


Patios, Decks and Rooftops

Whether you have a small or large patio, artificial grass can brighten up your outdoor space and make it look and feel more inviting. Not only will it add a warm, outdoorsy feel to the area, but the lush grass makes it easy to venture on to the patio for some fresh air without wearing shoes. For rooftop gardens or patios, artificial grass is a must. Traditional lawns often weigh too much for a rooftop area, and watering real grass is both difficult and expensive at those heights.

Artificial grass helps to create a natural atmosphere for your guests to relax and unwind, and the durability of such applications is ideal for rooftops, since the turf will look immaculate for extended periods of time. The addition of artificial grass to your deck can also offer a protective surface from a pet’s claws and a child’s shoes. The green hue is a great accent against surface materials like wood, and it provides a strong base for chairs, hammocks and other outdoor furniture.


Internal Spaces

Many offices and commercial spaces use artificial grass in lieu of carpet or tile because it is easy to clean, odorless and appropriate for high-traffic areas. It can also be used as decoration on office walls or installed around exterior areas to add aesthetic appeal. Artificial grass is also great for home interiors, particularly for children’s bedrooms or indoor patio areas. The shock absorbency that synthetic grass provides is especially useful in preventing injuries and, from a visual standpoint, a grass application can really bring the room’s theme to a whole new level.



Use artificial grass for an inimitable welcome mat at your front door, or for crafty projects that need that distinguishing finishing touch, such as an Easter display of bunnies and flowers lined with grass. Artificial grass from SYNLawn Houston is stain-resistant against almost any spill, hard-wearing and long-lasting, making it a superb material for doormats, shop displays, garage floors, rugs, and walls.


Colorful Designs

Artificial grass comes in several different colors, including red, white, blue, and black. Use it for corporate lettering, athletic fields or as a replacement for natural grass. Furthermore, we can pair our grass with other landscaping materials like tile, stone or water for a design that perfectly complements your yard as well as your home.


There are many unique uses for artificial grass. If you want to see how your home or workplace can benefit from an artificial lawn installation, no matter how non-traditional, contact SYNLawn Houston! As Houston’s only authorized supplier and installer of SYNLawn products, we can help you make your design dreams a reality.

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